The textbook companion of Rasen Kaigan / Album. Bought them as a set direct from the publisher. Unfortunately, it’s all written in Japanese. Nice packaging though.


DSC06111 (by 普渡众神 花)

Glow x

Lieko Shiga was born in 1980 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. She studied Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, graduating in 2005. During that time she produced a series of images of her neighbors living in a block of East London council flats, drawing inspiration from paranormal photographs popular in the early days of photography. This series became Lilly, which was exhibited in Osaka, Paris, and Tokyo.
Shiga was the September 2006 artist in residence at the Institute of Modern Art as part of Rapt! 20 Contemporary Artists from Japan, a program of residencies, exhibitions, and events showcasing Japanese art in Australia. In 2005 Shiga received the Juror’s award as part of the Mio Photo Award, and more recently, the 33rd Kimura Ihei Commemorative Photography Award in 2008 for her books Lilly and Canary.

Lieko Shiga.

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All as one in space  We’re part of the same  All as one we wait// #cuu #natura #Orchidaceae #orquídea #flower #flora #flor

untitled by t.ono on Flickr.